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Natural Inclusion

Social inclusion  |  Nature connection  |  Disability equality

Working for a just and sustainable world,

built on equality, inclusion and connection. 

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Not short on vision...

Andy Shipley has been visually impaired for most of his life, and has channeled this experience into his work as a consultant, campaigner, speaker, facilitator and coach.  His work is fueled by his twin passions for an inclusive society and the natural world. He works with individuals, groups and organisations, collaborating on a range of innovative projects that will expand your understanding and practice of both nature connection and social inclusion. 

"I remember when we met in the early summer thinking what an extraordinary experience it might be for the conference delegates.  In the event the workshop exceeded my expectations and I know it will have changed those who took part."

John Noble, Greenleaf Centre

07702 849 479

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