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A 14-day sensory odyssey

Nature is our life support system.  As well as providing us with the air, water and food vital to keep us alive and breathing, time spent connecting with the natural world sustains our physical and mental health. By spending time experiencing nature’s diversity more deeply, we have the opportunity to propagate a life sustaining relationship that will support us from here-on.  


Whether you are in isolation because of coronavirus or would like just to deepen your relationship with nature and your senses, I’ve developed this programme for you.

The aim is to help you expand your awareness of the sensory panorama that surrounds you.  For each day, I have recorded a guided sensory exercise for you to follow, and provided one or two links to little nuggets of inspiration and revelation, for your enjoyment and reflection  

You can do the sensory exercises in your garden, or anywhere outdoors that you like to spend time and feel comfortable, or in your living room with the windows open wide. . The sensory exercises can be done, either standing, seated or lying down.  

When you have completed the odyssey, you can just start again at the beginning, going deeper this time, change the sequence, or repeat the exercises you enjoyed the most. Like any exercise, the more you flex your sensory muscles the richer your experience will become.  It also is a good idea to keep a daily journal in which to reflect on how you experience each exercise and what you notice.   

Enjoy the feel of the breeze, the banter of the birds and the sensational simplicity! 

Lastly, please share your experiences via social media and feel free to email me to tell me how it is going for you!


Disclaimer:  All the images on this site have been found using searches that filtered for unlicensed pictures free to share.  If any images have inadvertently been chosen that are not licence free please contact me and I will replace them.  

When you have completed your odyssey...

Drop me an email and tell me how it went for you.  

Ask me about other online and face to face courses I can offer.

Friend me on facebook to follow more multi-sensory nature connection activity.

Contact me to explore how we can collaborate. 

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