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Campaigning & influencing

Nature connection & sensory immersion

Workshops & group facilitation

People Sense

Group facilitation

In our diversity lies the solution to the social and environmental challenges we face. If we are to build a genuinely just, inclusive and sustainable world, we need to establish collaborative structures and processes that draw on the full array of perspectives, experiences and insight of all involved.  Andy has many years of experience facilitating effective coalitions, advisory groups, round-tables, focus groups, events and workshops. His work spans public, voluntary, tech and environmental sectors. He can help you harness diverse interests to co-create a shared vision and move forward together successfully.

Just Sense

Producing briefings and building strategic relationships

Achieving a just, inclusive and sustainable world will require change. Change often depends on impactful campaigning. Andy’s experience of spearheading successful campaigns is rooted in ability to build robust and collaborative relationships with policy makers, parliamentarians, and influencers, and to establish strong networks and coalitions. Whatever the issue you care about, Andy can help you mobilise influential advocates and champions.

Nature Sense 

Nature connection for personal development or team building

Our future depends on people acquiring a deeper relationship with those around them, and with the natural world. To achieve this we need to open people's hearts to the value of nature and awaken their sense of belonging. Tapping into diverse perspectives can help. In this light, visually impaired people, can help us appreciate our non-visual senses, deepening our connection with the world around us, disrupting society's view of what disabled people have to offer. Nature Sense is multi-sensory immersion. Trusting someone at our side to guide us, we gain the time to really notice the textures under our toes, the breath of the breeze and the banter of the birds.

Super Sense

A more extreme experience for personal development or team building

Super sense invites you to tune into your senses in extreme conditions participating in an adventure activity - blindfolded! Whether it is using the wind on your face or the voice of your guide to orient yourself in a kayak, or climbing a rock face with only your fingertips and your toes to locate the next hold, super sense reveals that when we allow ourselves to trust in our own innate abilities and the support of others, we can achieve astounding things.

Supper Sense

A fun evening out for couples, singles or team building

Getting together over food is our most ancient method of socialising. When you have the chance to do it without being able to see what you are eating, or the appearance of your dining companions, you can discover how far vision influences how you feel about what you eat and the people around you. Blindfolded from the moment you arrive, Supper Sense allows you time to explore aroma, texture and flavour in a way that when sighted you might have missed. By the time you leave, you will have a an entirely new relationship with your senses and with food, as well as deeper connection with your dining companions - whether you knew them before or not.

Speaking Sense

Speaker service for conferences and social events

Achieving our vision of a just, inclusive and sustainable world, means reaching out widely to shift attitudes and perceptions. The art of inspiring, educating and challenging a wide range of audiences is vital. Natural Inclusion offers a passionate speaker service for conferences, workshops, social events and dinners, to convey transformational stories and narratives. Because sometimes humour works where more serious approaches fail - this can even extend to stand up comedy!

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