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  • Andrew Shipley

Online sensory nature immersion

When the Covid pandemic struck in March 2020, and the UK went into lockdown, I felt it important to find a way to keep people connected with the sensory magic of the natural world, whilst being largely confined to their homes.

One way of doing this was by publishing my 14 day sensory immersion, which is available here.

The other was to launch a weekly online sensory immersion programme. In weekly sessions which ran for over a year, we explored a wide array of natural phenomena from bird language to nature’s magical motifs; from tree-song, to life in the twilight zone; from how nature hears itself to quantum nature, and many other aspects of sensational natural phenomenon. The programme grew a steadfast and enthusiastic following and helped to sustain and guide the wide-spread new wave of interest in nature that lockdown gave rise to.

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