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  • Andrew Shipley

Cue glasses: A tech start up with a big vision

Cue glasses use smart glass and facial recognition to give visually impaired people greater awareness in social situations.

I was approached by a team of design students to explore how exciting new technology might benefit people with visual impairment. We worked together on the concept for a piece of wearable tech (glasses that could enhance social interaction by recognising faces and facial expressions and turning them in to auditory cues. We were awarded a prize for best product. My role was initially user advice, but later evolved into a facilitative role to maintain momentum and keep development on track. This process enabled us to formulate a technical proposal and build a business case, winning a place in the final of the Design Council Spark competition.

'Cue Glasses' is a product that could give visually impaired people the ability to enjoy greater independence and greater ease in social interaction. It may also be transferable to the needs of people with autism, who often need help recognising emotions and facial expressions.

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