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  • Andrew Shipley

Dining in the Dark at the Green Festival

Updated: Jun 29, 2019

An organic adventure in taste and connection - with one unusual difference!

For a number of years, Supper Sense was a regular feature in Bristol Green week, working in collaboration with St Werburgh’s City Farm Cafe to offer a number of memorable and creative ‘dining in the dark’ experiences.

From the moment of arrival, diners are blindfolded and guided through a delicious, organic three course meal - with some unexpectedly tasty ingredients thrown in! Supper Sense gives time to enjoy textures, flavours and aromas, which are intensified without visual distraction. This enables people to enjoy food in a completely new way.

Supper Sense also raises people’s awareness of the part that vision plays in influencing how we relate to others, exposing habits and prejudices that prevent us from building fulfilling relationships.

An unusual and unforgettable evening - full of surprises!

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